Three out of four American families with school-aged children have at least one playing an organized sport — that's a total of about 45 million kids. By age 15, as many as 80% of these youngsters have quit. Children who are pushed to the limits and under incredible pressure to perform, end up injuring themselves at alarming rates and are out of sports by age 13.

When it’s no longer about fun... little self-esteems are shredded, sometimes for life. We intend to shed new light, perspective and expose the truth to ensure that all those involved in youth sports can join hands and work as one to return youth sports to the children, so they can reap the many benefits we know can help them evolve into healthy adults, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our mission is to provide an informed awareness of what’s behind this 15-billion-dollar industry. But more importantly, under the guidance of smart and passionate people with a shared vision, an openness to change, and a spirit of collaboration we can create a new culture of innovation -- that starts with knowing who we are doing this for.