Chesapeake Films Pitching Screenplay, Based on Susan Ouellette Espionage Thriller About a Chechen Terrorist, at Cannes

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Chesapeake Films is now shopping an espionage thriller screenplay based on former CIA employee Susan Ouellette’s novel, To Hold and Defend, about a female intelligence officer fighting against a Chechen terrorist. The main character Maggie is a female protagonist fighting unlikely enemies and features the inner workings of the CIA and national intelligence. The villain, Zara is a Chechen terrorist who happens to be a beautiful woman, which makes her easy to overlook but doesn’t take away the powerful damage she can do or the threat to national security. This screenplay is EXTREMELY timely and is already creating a lot of interest. Contact us now–we are ready to make this movie!

Please contact for appointments with producer Joel Franco at Cannes in May. Preliminary Telephone appointments and additional information is available.

Click the link to listen to interview with author Susan Ouellette talk about her book in an interview with Patrick Walters last week on

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